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New ARB page

ARB have just emailed to notify me that “We have enhanced our online “Architects’ Register” facility to give every architect on the Register their own webpage, helping you to promote your registered status to members of the public, your clients and potential clients.”

My page is here.

“Members of the public who use our enhanced online service to find an architect can be confident in knowing that by choosing an architect through our website search facility, they will be using a fully qualified and registered professional for their building project. The enhanced search facility will allow them to target their search for an architect more accurately, and will assist them in making an informed choice to engage someone who has the skills, knowledge and expertise to bring their building project to life.”

So there you have it. The information you can get from the page is sparse, and it’s a bit graphically disappointing, but every little helps. I’ve added a direct ARB link on my footer.