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5 Things you Must Know About Paragraph 55 [Now known as NPPF Paragraph 79]

This is an excellent article from Jason Orme in Homebuilding & Renovating that explores what it takes to achieve a Paragraph 55 planning approval:A special clause in planning policy allows homes of exceptional design to be built in rural areas. Jason Orme explains how to do it”


Architect Paul Testa gained planning permission under Paragraph 55 for a new (180m2) home in South Yorkshire which is currently on site. “I think, ultimately, this route is an expensive one. You have to demonstrate an exceptional and unique proposition which will, undoubtedly, require considerable design time,” he explains.

“However, for me, it’s the huge risk of the planning process with chances of success much worse than 50/50 that will put off all but those with the design fee money to potentially lose. This inevitably lends itself to those with an already large budget to spend.”