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Our favourite moments from April

This photo (below) was taken from my mum’s house, which is my favourite place to go to get away from the city and relax in the middle of nowhere. This was another frosty morning with a great sunrise, which is about new starts and hopefully sunnier days!

We have not one but two photos from our new team member, Alasdair!

I moved to Sheffield a few weeks ago and I’ve really enjoyed exploring my new city (whenever I get a chance to get away from unpacking)! I took the kids to run around the Botanical Gardens over the Easter weekend and managed to take this (above) in-between games of hide-and-seek. Can’t wait to get back there and into the glass pavilion when it’s open. [Alasdair]

As the weather improves (or at least tries to) I’ve been out on the bike in the peaks. This will become an increasingly familiar sight in the coming months as I work towards a big cycling trip this summer! [Alex]

It’s been nice getting out on my bike again and reacquainting myself with Wharncliffe woods. I know a pine plantation isn’t the most exciting choice of woodland but there’s something very calming about sitting out at the top of a mountain bike descent, in the sun, looking at the regular, vertical rhythm of all the trees swaying gently in the wind. [Alan]

Not sure what more there is to say, really? Other than the fact that we can’t let this moment fall on deaf ears. [Liam]

This was taken in Edale when Elio and I tagged along with Alex on a La Biblioteka business trip to see his stockist – Edale General Store. It was just lovely to be out and about in the beautiful Peak District. I took this shot because it gave me a sense of adventure, the first step of a journey and I really long for new adventures after the year we had. [Julie]

The highlight of the recent easing of restrictions has been being able to go and see my niece. She’s now a year old and we’ve only met once before. Not the cuddles we’d like but I think she really enjoyed meeting her cousins. [Paul]

I’ve been spending my free time out in the garden, sowing seeds and getting far too excited at seeing things starting to bloom. [Fera]

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