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Sustainable, Residential Architects, Wakefield

Better living, by design

What we stand for

We’re on a mission to help everyone live in beautiful, practical homes that have minimal impact on our planet.

Our lives are centred around our homes so why shouldn’t they be designed to maximise your happiness and health?

Who are we?

We love Yorkshire. We live to create.
We are families and communities

We’re active, outdoor people with a passion for architecture. We’re fascinated with the way buildings are made; the nuts and bolts of the process. This vim and curiosity drives us to make Wakefield an even better town in which to live.

Helping you transform your dream into reality.

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Inspirational home architects, Wakefield; creating beautiful spaces for living.

Are you looking for an architect for your project in Wakefield? Perhaps you’ve always had plans to build a grand design house of your own. Or maybe your existing home needs a bit of help to work harder for you – with more living space, improved comfort, and clever storage ideas… As architects, we’re on a mission to help everyone in Wakefield to live in beautiful, practical homes that have minimal impact on our planet. Whatever your starting point, we’d love to help you create your dream home.

Find out more about our projects near Wakefield below – and get in touch to find out if we’re the architects for you.

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Hunshelf Park

Our Green Homes asked us to design and achieve planning permission for 10 sustainable new homes on a tricky site in Stocksbridge. Each house had to be affordable, spacious, and customisable by the purchaser.

The Passivhaus standard was the natural choice for the project. It allowed us to meet our client’s very high sustainability and comfort standards but it also helped us to minimise the acoustic impact of the nearby steelworks; one of the barriers which had prevented the site from being developed before.

Give your project the best chance of planning permission

Castlewood Crescent

A contemporary self-build project.

Working with our clients, Ben and Hannah, we helped them update their existing early 20th-century semi-detached home to meet the demands of their modern lifestyle. Adding an extension to overcome issues with a small, cramped kitchen and creating a spacious third bedroom were priorities.

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self-build home near Wakefield

Wold View

Simon and Susie asked us to turn their late 20th century house into a warmer, brighter and more efficient home. They wanted a home fit for the 21st century.

The mock Tudor features felt very dated, despite being a staple of the estate. The odd roof shapes were rationalised and chamfered bay windows squared off. We applied a fresh render with dark timber cladding to give a cleaner more modern appearance.

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