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retrofit strategy

Upgrade your home

Is your home cold, draughty and expensive to heat? Do you wish your home was more comfortable? More efficient? More sustainable? Our retrofit strategy service plots a path to make your home healthier, cosier and future-proof.

Using our years of combined retrofit experience and expertise, we can upgrade your home to give you and your family tangible increases in living quality and comfort. 

retrofit strategy

What does a retrofit strategy involve?

Working in close collaboration with you, we will:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of your home’s main issues
  • Visit your home and identify the key areas where improvements can be made
  • Produce an in-depth project brief that outlines the main aims and challenges of your retrofit
  • Establish the feasibility of various options by undertaking a measured and visual survey of your property
  • Identify your homes current energy performance using Passivhaus modelling software. 
  • Model various performance options and identify the best route for your property
  • Discuss your retrofit plan with you in detail and record the meeting for your use
  • Outline indicative costs and appropriate phasing of works

We have a lovely, light, airy, comfy home… I come through the front door and it’s bliss

Margaret and John, read about their journey here

What happens after the retrofit strategy?

Your detailed retrofit plan will be broken down into manageable steps, in an order that makes sense for your property. You can decide to undertake all the works in one go. Alternatively, you can phase the work to suit your finances, knowing that you’ve made realised, positive progress with each step. 

What if I need help undertaking the retrofit plan?

We can advise you on working with renewable technologies and specialist consultants. We’ll manage your project and budget as if it were our own, and ensure that all works are carried out to our high standards. As a result, we’ll minimise risk and give you peace of mind. 

Are you ready for a healthier, cosier home?

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