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Retrofit Strategy

We'll provide a step-by-step guide to transforming your home.

Is your home cold, draughty and expensive to heat?

Make your home warmer, healthier and more efficient.

Our Retrofit Strategy service sets out our recommendations for improving the performance of your home. 

Get your customised plan from £2495 + VAT

Whether you’re up for one big project or prefer to make changes more gradually, we’ll create a detailed plan that’s tailored to you.

HEM Architects walk the talk. They promised us a warm and comfortable home with reduced energy bills, and that is what we now have!… I come through the front door and it’s bliss 

Avoid costly mistakes.

Make a plan with our experts.

We know reading up on how to improve your home can be overwhelming. There are lot of good ideas out there, but not all of these will be right for you and your home. 

Our knowledgable team will use technology to assess the current condition of your home and measure potential improvements.

Our Retrofit Strategy service will give you a clear step-by-step guide to follow, however you want to carry out the work.

  • Be confident that any work you carry out brings you closer to a warm, healthy and low-energy home.
  • Prevent any wasted time or money redo-ing poorly planned improvement work 
  • Learn how to prevent common issues resulting from choosing inappropriate insulation or not ensuring adequate ventilation
  • Come away with all the information you need to plan your time and budget
  • Understand the work you’re doing and why. We’ll explain the benefits in simple language 

Are you ready for a healthier, cosier home?

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retrofit strategy

What does a Retrofit Strategy involve?

Working in close collaboration with you we’ll:

  • Visit your home and identify the key areas where improvements can be made 
  • Ask the right questions to establish your priorities and understand your experience of living in your home
  • Produce an in-depth Project Brief that outlines the main aims and challenges of your retrofit
  • Take a measured and visual survey to inform our recommendations
  • Analyse the current energy performance of your home using Passivhaus modelling software
  • Use Passivhaus modelling software to test various improvement to your home and identify the best route for your property
  • Break the improvement works down into manageable steps based on your time and budget
  • Outline indicative costs and appropriate phasing of works
  • Ensure that each step you take will lead into the next, and get you closer to creating your dream home
  • Have a meeting with you to discuss your Retrofit Strategy in detail, and give you a chance to ask us questions

From £2495 + VAT depending on the size and complexity of your home. 

What if I can’t afford to do the work in one go?

Our Retrofit Strategy is perfect for you.

We break our recommendations into stages and make sure that each step will move smoothly into each other.

We’ll take into account any other work you’re planning and come up with a strategy based around your plans.

You’ll come away with our suggestions for quick wins and understand what to focus on first. 

What happens after the Retrofit Strategy?

  • You’ll feel confident on the next steps to improve your home.
  • You may be planning to do the work yourself in which case you can get started. 
  • Or you might be looking to find a suitable builder to carry out the work
  • You may need to get planning permission
  • We can help you with planning permission or the process of choosing a builder.
  • We can also advise you on working with renewable technologies and if there are any other consultants you might need.

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