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Your Journey

We’ll take you on a collaborative journey, making a time of excitement, yet upheaval, a valuable and enjoyable experience.


It all starts with a dream.

We start by visiting you and having a chat to discover your goals. After preliminary investigations we’ll agree on the best way forward.

This preparation and briefing stage is where we will add a significant amount of value to the project.

Their focus on the budget and making sure that what they were proposing was something that was deliverable as well as their attention to detail was much appreciated.

Phil & Anja, Sheffield



This is the concept design stage, where we will use the initial project brief to create outline proposals.
These proposals will reflect the aspirations discussed during stage one


Planning permission.

This is where we use our expertise to guide your dream design through the planning process.



We’ll help you choose your builder who we’ll work with to realise your design.

Helping you transform your dream into reality.

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Technical Design.

Bringing together the expertise of your builder, suppliers and design team we’ll turn your vision into something that can be built cost effectively, safely and with a beautiful result.



Working with your builder, we’ll help them deliver your new home with the minimum of fuss and to a high standard.

Construction at Hen House



We’ll help you get settled in your new home and check everything has been finished to the highest quality. Once you’re settled we’ll pop by for a catch up to check you’re still delighted with your home.