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On the drawing board

We have a number of exciting projects on the drawing board at the moment, from small extensions to one-off houses in the countryside.

The Last House:

Chesterfield Architects Conservation Area Eco House

This is an exciting, but tough, project for a replacement house in a conservation area in Nottinghamshire. The clients and conservation officer have been very supportive of our approach, and we’re hoping to submit for planning next month.

St Quentin:

Sheffield Architects House Extension

This project, for a small replacement rear extension, will hugely enhance the rear of this property in Sheffield and give them a much better connection with their garden.


Dronfield Architects Bungalow Transformation

We are remodelling this small bungalow in Dronfield to make a much more enjoyable sequence of spaces that are light filled and have great connection to the back garden and the fields beyond. Planning has been submitted and we’re excited to get the construction information moving.

A house in the woods:

Leeds Architects Green Belt Eco House

This is one of our current NPPF paragraph 55 [now known as NPPF Paragraph 79] houses near Leeds. We’ve taken inspiration from the stunning wooded site in which the design has a transparent and open plan under-storey, with a more dense canopy with focused landscape and tree views.

Vaulted house:

Barnsley Architects Green Belt Eco House

The other of our NPPF paragraph 79 houses to feature this month. This house sits in a much more open location near Barnsley. The design seeks to modify the landscape to create a series of sculptural ribbons. One of these contains the vaulted house structure with a private courtyard and extensive valley views.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress!