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Things you shouldn’t say to your architect

We recently came across an article called “5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Architect” by Homebuilding & Renovating magazine.

The article hits the nail on the head. Establishing a good relationship with your architect is a vital part of your project – whether that’s a small extension or grand design.

It’s something we focus on from the beginning of the journey of working with a client, and something we discuss in detail here.

With that in mind, we’ve added a couple of our own “don’ts” to the list.

A high quality, bespoke piece of architecture takes time and so it’s best not to rush the process. We could probably get a planning application submitted in three months but you’d then be looking at another two months to get planning. Add on another two-three months to finalise the construction drawings. And then anywhere between two months and 18 months to find a good builder and get them to start work. It’s important to be realistic about timescales from the very beginning.

If you’re employing an Architect, allowing them to question the brief and the design will let them add much more value to your project. This may end up being cheaper than your initial ideas; it will certainly bring much more delight to your new spaces.

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