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Our Favourite: Street Art

Sheffield has got a fantastic Street Art scene and we couldn’t help noticing some new murals popping up around the city.

Then at the start of this year, renowned street artist Phlegm, has returned to Sheffield to paint a new mural at Eye Witness Works. We would encourage you to go and see this new mural if you’re in Sheffield City Centre.


Unknown artist

“I’ve been really enjoying the changing nature of the hoarding on Penistone Road in Sheffield. It was where the fantastic Art Deco Hydra Clarkson building previously stood.”

“The hoarding is on its last legs. But the changing murals over the last two years have enlivened my daily commute. “

“It’s a shame that the demolition of the building in around 2010 has led to the site lying empty for nearly 14 years.”



“I’m a big fan of the work of Phlegm.”

“There’s lots and lots of good ones dotted around Sheffield. But I really enjoyed his exhibition at Eye Witness Works a few years ago where his characters could really come to life in 3D.”

Check out Phlegm’s Instagram


Frau Isa

“I’ve always admired this artwork on the side of the Red Deer pub by Austrian artist Frau Isa.”

“It was on my way into work at the University of Sheffield. I was always amazed at its scale and level of detail.”

“The quietly content woman looking out whilst holding a book is beautiful together with a mysterious key and miniature horse.”

Frau Isa’s website

Photo credit Street Art Sheffield

Photo credit BBC / Kris Holland



“I’ve got to go with this mural of England football captain Leah Williamson.”

“Leah’s hometown is near Milton Keynes and this three sided mural was done after the Lionesses won Euro’s 2022.”

“Interestingly, one side was painted over in white in an effort to ‘tidy it up’. But has since been restored thanks to crowdfunding from the community.”

MurWalls website

nathan and anna

Jo Peel

“I enjoy the unexpected bright and bold hand-painted murals by Jo Peel.”

“They brighten up often neglected side streets, recording moments of urban changes around Sheffield. The uncomplicated but detailed linework adds to their charm!”

“I particularly like the mural at Persistence Works on Brown Street. I love her black and white style, and the 3D element of this design. “

Jo Peel website

Photo credit Street Art Sheffield

Photo credit Street Art Sheffield



“I think the Yorkshire based artist Faunagraphic is brilliant. She brings inspiring images of the natural world and the environment into urban settings.”

“This mural on Charles Street has been defaced over the years. But there is a crowd funder project you can support to help restore the artwork.”


Pete McKee

“I’ve always loved Pete McKee’s mural ‘The Snog’ on the side of Fagans pub on Broad Lane. Always makes me smile driving down the road.”

Pete McKee’s website

Photo credit. Pete McKee on Facebook

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