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Our Top 5 Architectural Tree-Houses

We’re big fans of the tree-house Simon at our Archer Lane project has crafted for his kids and he’s inspired us to share our favourite architectural tree houses. These really capture our imagination and we’d all love the chance to design and build something similar…


Archer Lane Tree House

We love the variegated cladding on Simon’s treehouse at Archer Lane.


A Treehouse without a Tree, Saperlipopette Les Architectes

I found this project instantly appealing with it’s elegant structure, cheap materials and a variety of playful spaces for children to inhabit. It also shows you don’t need design constraints like trees to get in the way of a great treehouse. [Paul]


Takasugi-an [Too Tall Tea House], Terunobu Fujimori

I have picked the Too Tall Tea House because it looks like it is out of a fairytale book, a building that puts a big smile on your face! [Julie]


Red Blue House, Jan Kattein Architects

I love the use of bright colours and a simple palette of materials which create a fun and uplifting design for this tree house in Greece. [Alan]


Visible Studio, Invisible Studio

It’s not strictly a tree house but we all love Invisible Studio’s Visible Studio. This was self built by the practice and some friends using timber from the forest itself. It’s a simple, efficient yet elegant design which sits well in the woodlands.