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Our Favourite Bungalows

This month we’re sharing our favourite bungalows – an often under appreciated house type. As we regularly work with clients nearing retirement or thinking about downsizing we’re always interested in architectural bungalows. These are some of our favourites that have inspired us recently.

We’ve also asked our friend Adam Park to suggest his favourite project this month. Adam has spent the past few years researching the design of housing for later life so is well qualified to talk about bungalows.

The Quest – Strom Architects

My favourite bungalow is a retirement residence by Ström Architects, Shorlisted for House of the Year.  This bungalow is so sleek – the materials and craftsmanship are impeccable. The quality of light, large library and inviting living area mean you’d never need to leave. [Julie]

Old Holloway Passivhaus – Juraj Mikurcik

Old Holloway is the beautiful house that Architect and Passivhaus specialist Juraj Mikurcik has recently built for himself. It’s an exception piece of understated design and his engaging blog means I feel I know the building and the process of building it inside out, despite having never been. It sounds like it’s a delightfully comfortable and enjoyable place to live. [Paul]

Courtyard Houses – Patel Taylor

I love the chimneys which the architects have used to give these relatively small homes real presence on the street. I also like the simplicity of the floor plan and the relationship of the main living spaces to each resident’s private courtyard. [Alan]

Leedon Park – Singapore

“Ipli Architects completes a concrete house for a concrete supplier.” It’s so wonderfully on the nose that it makes your eyes water! [Liam]


The Ryde – PRP Architects

A common complaint about bungalows amongst planners is that they are land-hungry and relatively costly to build. The Ryde in Hatfield uses clever internal planning, roof windows, and a series of exterior courtyards to create homes that are accessible, spacious, and flowing, despite being tightly packed on a 7 metre grid. Designed by PRP over 50 years ago, The Ryde remains one of the finest examples of this type of development anywhere in the UK, and its design has helped in fostering a strong sense of community among its residents. [Adam Park]

For this month’s post we’ve also invited our friend Adam Park to share his favourite bungalow project. Adam is an architect at the multidisciplinary practice BDP, and is currently working on a range of age-friendly housing and healthcare projects. Adam has a background in design research at the University of Sheffield, and was involved in the EPSRC-funded DWELL Research Project (Design for Wellbeing in Environments for Later Life). For more information on the dwell project visit: