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Recent Planning Success

We’re very happy to continue with our run of planning successes in Sheffield and further afield. Over the last few weeks we’ve been able to take a number of our clients’ projects another step closer to realisation.

Grove House:

Our clients’ house has two poor rear extensions that don’t work to create the more sociable kitchen and dining space they want and also fails to connect this space well to their garden. We’ve designed a replacement rear extension that feels more cohesive, makes for a more generous feeling space with plenty of light and a much improved physical and visual connection to the garden.

The Fairway:

Our client moved into this house for its location and expansive valley views. However, the house is cold, poorly planned and dark. It also doesn’t face the valley at first floor missing this obvious opportunity. We’ve proposed a substantial remodel and retrofit with a new roof that allows bedrooms and the new landing to take advantage of these amazing views. The proposals cut annual heat demand from 262kWh/m2.a to 47kWh/m2.a and will make the house dramatically more comfortable and better day-lit.

Dobbin Hill:

Our clients’ house suffers from a poorly arranged rear half at ground floor with an old conservatory which they like to use but which is only comfortable for a small percentage of the year. Demolishing this conservatory and creating a new timber framed, butterfly roofed extension unlocks the spaces and creates a year round space that connects beautifully to their garden.

Bishopscourt Road:

Our clients bought a house that they knew wasn’t big enough for their long term needs, but they love the plot and location. A simple 2-storey extension with the top floor set in a shingle clad block gives them additional living, kitchen and utility space and another bedroom. The fabric efficiency and south facing roof slope with lots of space for solar panels helps them achieve their target of moving away from having a boiler for heating or hot water.