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Old meets new

Work on site has begun on several of our projects and it’s wonderful to see them taking shape.

What might look like dirt and rubble at first, is the culmination of hours of hard work for both us and our clients. We’re looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

Warminster Road, Sheffield

Working with Tony Walker our Warminster Road is coming along smoothly and our on-site inspection was encouraging, if a little cold for the beginning of May. The walls are growing taller each day and all is looking good as we hurtle toward our expected completion date; we hope that doesn’t jinx it!

Cortworth Road, Sheffield

Meanwhile, over at Cortworth Road Terry Huggett’s team are in the process of stripping out the existing house…

…and finishing the foundations of this remodel and extension.

Winterway, Gloucestershire

The large extension we’ve designed at the Winterway in Gloucestershire is developing well. The render sample has been approved by the local authority and we’re expecting the windows on site in early June.