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Our favourite urban self-builds

After asking “why don’t more people self-build?” we started chatting about our favourite self-builds, and it felt only right to share them with you. We also asked our friend Terry Huggett to contribute because Terry has his own inspiring self-build story; “self-building is in my blood as I grew up in a house my Father self-built, so I understood from a young age the value of building your own house”.

Terry Huggett’s home – Terry Huggett Developments
My very selfish reasons for choosing this self-build is because I live and breath it. It was born from ideas from my many visits to California, combined with my passion for modern design, and the result is a beautiful, contemporary home for my family to live in. After four previous self-builds, I’ve gained the knowledge of what works, and what I love about good architecture and creative construction methods, to make a healthier lifestyle within the home. [Terry]

Nature Inspired Eco House – Etica Studio
By adding reclaimed materials such as bricks, breeze blocks, timber and doors in the concrete structure, they have turned this new built into a beautiful eco-friendly home. I would love to live there! [Julie]

Slim House – alma-nac

I’ve always admired this beautiful and clever project on a London slot site.  There was only 2.3m internal width to play with. Not only does it manage to achieve something that feels light and spacious, it also does it without the ostentatious finishes that often accompany London builds. [Paul]

The Shadow House –  Liddicoat & Goldhill

There’s so much I love about this self-build micro house in London. The creative use of level changes, lighting and every square millimetre of space make this house feel much larger than it truly is. I also admire the perseverance of the architect couple who designed and built it. After a lengthy planning battle they got their hands dirty by doing much of the building work themselves on a tiny budget. [Alan]

The Red House – 31/34 Architects

The “Red House” caps the terrace row that it now sits within by wearing a charming and modern interpretation of the neighbouring Victorian architectural language. Subtle flashes of characteristic detail find their way into the scheme, such as the arch hovering above the window adjacent to the entrance; all of which hold it in a satisfying tension between the existing and the new. [Liam]

Alex Monroe Studio – DSDHA

I don’t think it gets more urban than the studio of jeweller Alex Monroe, situated in London’s Bermondsey Conservation Area, with The Shard as its neighbour. The three-story building sits on top of the original Edwardian shop front, encased in a hand-crafted zinc facade that subtly reflects the surrounding buildings. [Fera]

As ever, we’d love to hear from you if you have a favourite self-build you would like to share.