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Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2022

For the second year in a row Alan and Paul manned a stand at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show, self-build exhibition in the Harrogate convention centre. The show hosted nearly 11,000 visitors over 3 days, so it’s a busy, full-on weekend.

Energy Hour

How to Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable and Slash Your Fuel Bills!

Over the weekend Paul delivered a daily talk on building performance & retrofit with heating engineer David Hilton. It was a hugely popular seminar with standing room only, showing how important retrofit has become. It also led to a lot of retrofit discussions on our stand.

Ready to transform your old home to an eco home?

Our Retrofit Strategy is the first step to improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your of your home .

Work and play

They also really enjoyed chatting to potential clients about some challenging sites, retrofit and their plans to build their dream homes. The variety of projects and locations is really eye opening and means that there isn’t a dull moment.

Spending a weekend in Harrogate allowed them a bit of time to socialise out of hours and it was great for them to catch up with other consultants and suppliers for a beer.

See you next year!

We’ve already signed up for next year’s show, and it’s a great event to attend if you’re planning a self-build or renovation in the near future.

Cant wait until next year?

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