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Get your project off to a flying start in 2023 with our top tips for success.

Do your homework

Construction projects can be complicated. So time invested in researching before you begin will be time well spent.Our guide to the best books for project planning is a great place to start.

Make time for your project

There’s a huge number of decisions to be made at all project stages. So set aside plenty of time to engage in the process and fully consider all the information your architect presents to you.

Projects can become unstuck during the construction stage as clients haven’t fully appreciated the implications of their earlier decisions.Find out why you should make time for your project. 

Get your brief right

The brief [a written list of your requirements for a project] is vital to the success of your project and will form the basis of your architect’s design.

Your brief needs to be more than just a list of spaces. It should be something emotional – it will guide the design of your home and your decision-making process.Read more about creating the brief.

Get your finances in order

Construction is expensive. Professional fees, materials and labour costs can quickly add up. Avoid potential disappointment by being honest about your budget with your architect from the start.

If you need finance to complete your project then this will take time to get in place. So make sure to arrange this as early as possible in the process.

Read our finance guide with BuildStore.

Make sure you’re covered if things go wrong

Always check your architect, structural engineer and contractor have the correct level of insurance should the worst happen.

Also, make sure you have the right personal cover in place before work starts. Particularly if you’re working with an existing building.

Read our insurance tips with Actus Insurance.

Don’t assume you will always need planning permission

Not every project needs planning permission. This is true with most larger projects but there’s a lot you can do within your Permitted Development Rights.

How to make the most of Permitted Development.

Ready to downsize?

If you’re thinking about moving to a smaller home it’s important to have a declutter and establish how you will use your new space. There’s a lot you can do with a smaller space by getting creative. Opening up views within your home or adding dramatic double-height areas can all help add to your sense of space.

Things to consider when downsizing.

Get the fundamentals right

Don’t spend time worrying about fancy technologies or high spec kitchens if you haven’t got the building’s fabric [walls, floors, roofs, windows] right. You’re likely to upgrade your kitchen in the future but you’re extremely unlikely to revisit your home’s performance. Investing as much as you can in the fabric will create a more comfortable and healthier home for your family.

Find out why we think it’s well worth the investment.

And finally:

Enjoy the process

A self build project is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s challenging, but there will be plenty of enjoyable moments as well.

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