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2018 highlights

As 2018 comes to a close we wanted to share some of our highlights from the year.

And what a year it’s been. We’ve doubled in size, worked on some fantastic projects and won some awards along the way.

The year started with a bang after we were highly commended at The George Phillips Awards in Oakham for Stamford Road.

Speaking of awards, we have to mention Sycamore Hall being a finalist in The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards, and the Hen House being nominated for several awards this year, including the Sheffield Design Awards.

“The night at the Sheffield Design Awards was a personal fave. Particularly Al’s exuberant cheering!” – Liam

We felt an enormous sense of pride when our clients moved into the Hen House in the summer. Photographer Dug Wilders captured it brilliantly.

We were over the moon when Hugh Pearman, Editor of RIBA Journal decided to visit the Hen House.

Thankfully, Hugh was very impressed.

“It meant a lot to get the peer recognition and for Hugh to take enough interest to come to Sheffield.” – Paul

In July, we enjoyed a team away day. As with any business, it’s important to take a step back – and delicious food & coffee always helps.

“To be welcomed by such a fantastic group of people. I feel very fortunate to have found great colleagues for my first job out of uni.” – Marcus

Food is a constant source of discussion at the practice. This year we did our own Great British Bake Off sweepstake. Another highlight for Liam was when Julie made “that divine Lemon Meringue pie!”.

In September it was back to Oakham to host an Open House at our Stamford Road project. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new and existing clients and showcase one of our fantastic homes.

“My highlight of 2018 is the TEAM, it really made a difference to work with amazing colleagues!” – Julie

And finally, we thought it was about time we commissioned some new photography of the team.

Elm provided the perfect location [if you haven’t been we can highly recommend it!] and the talented Helena Dolby took the photos.

To see more images from the shoot click here.

“I’ve loved growing the team & welcoming each fantastic member into the practice [along with the regular trips to the Bath Hotel that entailed].” – Alan

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2018 highlights. For more news and monthly highlights sign up to our newsletter.