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How to get the most from your architect

However, to get the most from your architect it’s important that you’re prepared as a client.

Here are our top tips to get you started:

Have a clear brief

A brief is a great starting point for discussions with an architect. It should include what you’re hoping to achieve and a wishlist of your top priorities. It’s also helpful to include what you love most about your current home and what your biggest frustrations are.

Understand your brief isn’t a fixed thing

The brief is a starting point that should be questioned and tested throughout the process. A good architect will help you to refine your brief and make sure you are getting the most from your project.

Be clear about your budget

It is important to talk about this from the outset so your architect can fit their designs to your budget. It’s also vital to consider all project costs including professional fees, VAT and other statutory fees not just build costs.

Challenge your architect

A good architect is open to being challenged and it’s important you do so. Be sure to ask plenty of questions.

Be open to new ideas

A client which starts the process by knowing exactly what they want will close themselves off to so many potential ways for their new building to enhance their lives.

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