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Our Favourite independent businesses

Here are some of the independent businesses we’ve been shopping with over the last few months.

We’ve always been passionate about shopping from independent, and local, businesses wherever possible. Our city, Sheffield, is known for its prominent independent scene and our referral scheme supports some of our favourites.

Now that we’re shopping online more than ever, we wanted to share with you some of the wonderful brands we’ve been buying from.

Canopy Plants

Recently I have found myself getting very excited about my current collection of house plants and there are several companies offering home deliveries but I want to particularly mention Canopy Plants. They recognise that looking after plants is beneficial for our wellbeing and productivity which is why they’re great to get while a lot of us are working from home. Canopy Plants also share our sustainable values when it comes to the packaging of their plants, which arrive wrapped in compostable potato starch bags rather than plastic! Their website also includes step-by-step guides for how to care for your plants along with a lovely selection of pots which are also available to buy. [Mo]

Foundation Roasters

Hi, my name is Fera and I’m addicted to (good) coffee. I’m very happy to have found Foundation Roasters – a new coffee brand based in St. Ives. Jack, one of the founders, used to live in Sheffield and he knows his stuff. Love the branding and that the packaging is both Omnidegradable® and home compostable. My favourite is the Beacon blend with “tasting notes of cocoa, honeycomb, stone fruits”. Be still my beating heart. [Fera]

Scrivens Greengrocer

One of a number of small independent shops in Totley, Sheffield with a devoted customer/fan base. The friendly team have been working really hard to respond and adapt to the current situation in order to continue to serve its customers safely. There has been increased order and delivery capacity and plenty of good, clear communication to keep folk up to date. [Jess]

We Call it New

What has made Lockdown bearable is spending an unprecedented amount of time with my partner Rae. Equally, it has been exciting to see her fledgling small business begin to grow and develop a real personality. Orders suddenly started to fly in from all over and each new product gets better and better. We Call it New takes either donated, waste or found fabrics and reinvents them into a range of new ‘things’; from bags to buntings to bandanas (for dogs, not humans). There have been some funky materials so far and each one has its own challenge that often requires a bit of experimentation. There’s magic though in that once it has all been reused, it’s gone! [Liam]

EYEYE Opticians

Having found out I needed glasses late last year, I was quite cautious about going and buying any. The amount of choice is bewildering as is the variation in price. Most opticians are also not the most enjoyable buying environments. I found EYEYE a breath of fresh air. The choice is wide enough to cover most bases without being scary; pricing is clear and easy (no worrying you’re accidentally going for something more expensive than you can afford). Karl and his team are patient and generous with their time and knowledge. Highly recommended. [Paul]