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Introducing our new retrofit strategy service

To retrofit an existing building is to improve its building fabric to increase comfort and performance; lower energy demand and create a healthier internal environment.

In the past, this has almost always been a secondary element to a project accompanying a significant remodel and/or extension. The drive to retrofit, and improve comfort and performance, has always been tied in with other works.

Recently, however, this has started to change. We’re seeing a notable increase in people looking to retrofit their homes with almost no other works expected. We’re not sure whether it’s the acknowledgment of significantly higher fuel bills to come. Or if its higher levels of awareness of the impact our buildings have on carbon emissions. Either way, there’s a promising sense that change is coming.

Our New Service

To meet this new demand, we’ve been developing a new service to give people a retrofit strategy for their homes. This is an in-depth document using information you give us about your home along with detailed Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) modelling. It maps out a series of steps you can take to bring your home up to the AECB retrofit standard or better.

Each step gives an appreciable increase in comfort and efficiency

The strategy acknowledges the financial difficulty of doing such a deep retrofit in one step. It breaks it down in to more manageable layers of works. Each step gives an appreciable increase in comfort and efficiency. Doing them all will get you one of the better performing homes in the country. Even stopping after one or two steps will give you the confidence you’ve made positive progress. You know there will be minimal risk of unintended consequences. You have the comfort that you haven’t prevented the final steps being taken at a later date.

Want to find out more?

Visit our retrofit strategy page for more detail on how our new service can help transform your home