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What does Better Living mean to us?

Our tagline, Better Living, sums up who we are and what we do as a practice. It’s our goal. It’s why we’re in business; to improve the lives of our clients, our local community and the planet through our work. As part of our rebrand we asked our team what Better Living means to them.

Prioritising health, happiness, comfort and sustainability was a theme that recurred throughout, and that’s exactly what our housing design strives to achieve for our clients.

A home that improves my happiness, health and well-being.


Bringing up my kids in a healthy, light-filled and comfortable home.


Living in a world where everyone cares & respects our planet. 


Inhabiting a beautiful, healthy space that sparks joy, but still works day to day!


Creating space (physical space, time and headspace) to not just what is necessary, but things which you enjoy!


Better Living is design working to make living effortless, enjoyable and delightful.


To me it means: Finding a good balance regarding health and happiness


Lately, I feel that living better is living more slowly; particularly after having binned off my appalling car and avoiding the “rush” every day.


Housing design which promotes a sociable, walkable, community-focused, vibrant, public, open city!


More trips to speciality coffee shops, more barbecues & more time with my friends and family


A home that is built with the environment in mind, provides happiness and has a positive impact on your wellbeing.


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