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Our exciting new addition to the HEM office

We’re always looking at ways to streamline our work and improve a clients experience. Recently, we invested in a new iPad Pro to do just that. The iPad is equipped with a LiDAR scanner, which is a sensing system that can be used to measure rooms and create instant 3D models. It works by firing laser light to a surface and measuring the time taken for the reflected light to return to a sensor. 

This technology gives us an extra set of eyes to refer to when drawing up a survey. We’ve been putting it to use recently while surveying our clients homes.

A 3D Visualisation of a clients home that was created using the LiDAR Scanner

It has been particularly useful on larger projects where time constraints on a survey can be pressing. Once back at the office we can load the scans onto some software which allows us to walk around inside the model to take dimensions directly from it. These are always backed up by checked measurements, but the scans are really accurate.

We’re already seeing the benefits for our clients; less risk of inaccuracy; more time to spend on our clients’ projects and a useful long term reference as the projects progress.

We have also started experimenting with concepts, a powerful drawing application on the iPad that allows us to sketch and design on the go. It also allows us easily make changes to drawings and visuals throughout the design stages.

We’re looking forward to seeing how else the iPad can streamline our workflow.