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Why it pays to be patient when planning your dream build

When you’re investing so much money into your construction project, including architect fees, it’s worth taking your time to make sure it’s planned correctly. Especially as you’re likely to be enjoying the finished building for many, many years to come.

To help you finish your project quickly and smoothly here are our top tips for success:

Choose the right team

Select the best architect and contractor for your project not necessarily the ones that are available right now.

Construction projects can take years to be completed so waiting a few months for the right person will make little difference to your final completion date.

You’re also more likely to finish on time and on budget if you employ the right people for the job.

Don’t stretch your budget

If time is critical to the success of a project then it’s worth not stretching yourself financially.

Be clear about your budget from the start and understand what is likely to be achieved for this figure.

If you are likely to need finance to help you complete your project then make sure this is arranged as early in the design process as possible.

HEM did a great job in helping us set our priorities. The project was completed on budget and on time – a great achievement by all concerned

Simon & Susi, clients

Consider Time, Cost AND Quality.

The Time Cost Quality Triangle is a theory which is drummed into us at Architecture School. This is the adage that you can’t have something quickly, cheaply and to a high standard. It’s only possible to achieve two of the three.

For example, you can have something quickly and to a high standard but it’ll cost more to achieve this.

So if you’re trying to achieve a lot for your budget and have a short timescale for completing your project you may not achieve the quality you’re after

Make time

  • Set aside plenty of time to engage in the early stages and fully consider the information we present to you.
  • Don’t rush key decisions by making them once you’ve started on site and your builder is desperate for the information.
  • Ask questions on anything you don’t understand at an early stage rather than be surprised once you’re on site.

Enjoy the process

A self build project is a once in a lifetime project. So make sure you enjoy it and savour the process. You won’t be able to do this if you’re rushing to get started on site.

Don’t underestimate the importance of early project stages

The design process, obtaining the right permissions and finding the right builder can all take time.

It’s also really important to do your homework prior to starting the project. Prepare a proper brief and be clear to us about exactly what you want your project to achieve.

Also don’t forget the importance of the less glamorous tasks, such as obtaining insurance, finance or signing the contract with your builder, in helping to move your project along.

Make decisions before work begins

Making as many decisions as possible before work starts on site will help your builder get work completed as quickly as possible.

It’s far quicker and cheaper to make changes on paper than once things have already been constructed.

Building your dream home might take longer than you think

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