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How long will my self build project take

If you’re thinking of undertaking a self project, especially a retrofit to reduce your energy bills, it’s important to consider when you’d like to have it complete. You’ll probably realise that you should have started already to meet that date. 

Consider your priorities & set realistic timescales

No matter what your situation, speed is rarely the most important factor when you’re undertaking a costly and complex dream project that you’ll be enjoying for many, many years to come. Saving a few months by rushing into a project can be counter productive.

By setting realistic timescales for your project you avoid disappointment or putting yourself under unnecessary pressure to complete on time.

Most people are surprised by how long building projects can take

We do our best to accommodate all reasonable timescales. But due to the immense number of decisions that need to be made during a project, you could find yourself under a huge amount of pressure to get everything finished in time.

Not to mention reliant on the design, planning, tender and construction processes all happening without a hitch. Something which isn’t always guaranteed with construction.

Ready to start planning your project

Read our top tips for getting your project finished on time

Our recommended timescales

We normally advise the following minimum timescales, including preparation, design, planning and construction, from our appointment for all our projects to help our clients to achieve the results they deserve.

Extension & Remodel

  • Small domestic reconfiguration and extension: 1 year +
  • Large domestic reconfiguration and extension: 1.5 – 2 years +

New Build

  • New build house: 2 – 3 years +
  • New build “NPPF Paragraph 79” [Formerly Paragraph 55] house: 5 years +


  • Small Residential Development: 1.5 – 3 years +
  • Medium Residential Development: 3 years +

Starting a building project?

Our expertise can help make sure its completed on time