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Our Favourite: Unusual Conversions

Following the news that the BT Tower in London is expected to be turned into a hotel by Heatherwick Studio. It got us thinking about unusual conversions. So we asked the team to submit their favourite unusual conversions.

Photo credit: Julie Maxwell


Silo Stay

“During a 2014 road trip near Christchurch in New Zealand, I encountered an extraordinary transformation that still captivates my imagination almost a decade later. “

“F3 Design Studio, demonstrating unparalleled innovation, breathed new life into disused silos, reimagining them as eco-friendly and affordable motel rooms. “

“Their visionary approach not only revitalized the landscape but also redefined hospitality standards. One particularly ingenious touch was the implementation of a pulley system, ingeniously allowing guests to securely hang their bikes outside their rooms—a testament to both practicality and creativity.”

F3 Design website


Martello Tower Y

“I love this converted fortress on the Suffolk coast. “

“The imposing and seemingly impenetrable walls hide cosy and light-filled living spaces within that have been carefully designed to highlight the beautiful brick structure.”

“The views from the rooftop terrace aren’t too shabby either!”

Piercy & Company’s website


Water Tower

“Tonkin Lui’s award winning conversion of an old water tower in Norfolk, is what first springs to mind when thinking of ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ residential projects.”

“An extraordinary reinvention of an industrial structure  – the designers have created a true feature of the existing rusty metal tank, making it the centerpiece of the new home.”

“Creative insertion of new structure and building fabric have produced a warm, comfortable interior environment with dramatic circulation space and incredible panoramic views to the wider rural landscape.” 

Tonkin Liu’s website

Photo credit: tonkin liu / taran wilkhu, dennis pedersen and mike tonkin

Photo credit: Paramount Television Studios


Severn City Airport

“Station Eleven on HBO MAX is probably the loveliest and saddest show I’ve ever seen and elevates typical pre/post-apocolayptic viewing.”

“In the series, a plane is diverted to the airport right in the middle of the end of civilisation. Some of our main characters spend the next twenty years retrofitting a departure lounge into a thriving, self sustaining city.”

“Sounds tacky, but it’s actually very subtle and classily designed by Ruth Ammon and has totally changed my relationship with airports that are usually unfeeling and uncomfortable places.”


St. Jakobus Church

“Out of church conversions I like this one in Utrecht by Zecc, particularly the way they have kept and celebrated the height and shape of that amazing entrance hall.”

Zeec Architects website


Queen’s Tower redevelopment

“I used to visit these now flats in Sheffield when out on deliveries for my part-time university job.”

“Whilst the original design is very much a ‘take’ on a traditional castle through the use of turrets and arrow-slit windows, it still poses an element of grandeur. You are certainly confused when you first arrive, as the entrance to the site is so epic!”

“Plus you get fantastic views of Sheffield city centre driving back down Park Grange Road, particularly at sun set.”

Queen’s Tower article in the Sheffield Tribune

Photo credit: Warofdreams on wikipedia

Photo credit: tonkin liu / Matthew Burnett


Old shed new house

“An unassuming building made into an elegant, bespoke and beautiful home. I’ve also got library/living room envy.”

Tonkin Liu website


Ancient Party Barn

“Mostly I love the name – I’d definitely like to go to a party there! But I also love the staircase – it’s spectacular, as is the huge door. “

Liddicoat & Goldhill website

Photo credit : Liddicoat & Goldhill / Photography Will Scott & Keith Collie


Brewery Reconversion

This old brewery in Belgium has a light influence that has created a great textural experience. The highlight is the connection with the terrace garden.

AUX Bureau Instagram page

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