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Our Favourite: Haunted Houses

Photo of Sheffield General Cemetery

The clocks are going back and we’re approaching Halloween. So we wanted to gather a collection of some of our favourite beautiful buildings that give us the creeps. We have chosen some gothic inspired architecture, haunted houses and spooky settings.


Castle Drogo, Devon


“Whilst not really a haunted house, my choice would be a fantastic location for a scary movie or a convoluted whodunit.”

“Edwin Lutyens’ Castle Drogo in Devon is a ‘modern castle’ with hidden service stairs and service quarters; amazing spatial complexity and an austere material palette of granite and timber.”

Photo of the interior of Castle Drogo

Photo of the interior of Grundtvig’s Church, Copenhagen
Photo John Towner on StockSnap


Grundtvig’s Church, Copenhagen

Peder Vilhelm Jensen Klint

“Technically this isn’t Gothic architecture, but I do love how dramatic the knave of this church I visited in Copenhagen is.”

“I could definitely see it making a good location for a horror film. It’s built in brick and the columns seem impossibly narrow compared to their lofty height.”

“The daylighting is absolutely spot on to create a very atmospheric space. It’s well worth a visit if you find yourself in Copenhagen. “


Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria

Warren Heywood Williams

“This house is the setting for the horror movie ‘The Boy’ (2016) and it’s a classic haunted house with stone gables, turrets and ornate windows, all set within isolated wooded grounds.” 

“Inside, the dark wooden panelling, faded wallpaper and low lighting give a sense of foreboding at every turn, much like in any typical scary movie.”

“However, it is the parts of the house that you don’t see – the inner workings – that really set the scene for a truly disturbing film.”

Photo of the outside of Craigdarroch Castle
Photo by Nick Kenrick on Flickr

Photo of Sheffield General Cemetery
Photo by Chris Swales for Wessex Archaeology on Flickr.


Sheffield General Cemetery

Samuel Worth and Robert Marnock 

“Few buildings are able to give off a spooky appearance during the daytime quite like the Sheffield General Cemetery.”

“Its dark-stained columns surrounded by headstones and overgrown vegetation to the backdrop of an overcast stormy sky gives a rather unsettling appearance.”

“Quite the contrast to the welcoming nighttime appearance which includes deep purple lights illuminating the columns whenever there is an evening event inside the space. “


The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Freelan Oscar Stanley

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado was the inspiration behind Stephen King’s book The Shining.”

“Built in 1909 by the architect Freeman Oscar Stanley, it has 140-rooms and was among the first hotels in the USA to be fully electrified.”

“The hotel featured in the Stanley Kubrick film are a mixture of different locations.”

“The outside shots are of the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon and the memorable interiors were based upon the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.”

Photo by Brett Levin on Flickr

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