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Our Favourite: Buildings we’re excited by

We’ve blown our own trumpet in the blog of our projects with planning approval we’re looking forward to. So we thought we’d give out special mentions to some of our favourite building projects we’re excited by from other architects studios.


Breach House

“This home by Studio Bark has been approved under paragraph 84 as a development in the Green Belt.”

“It is of particular interest as we’re due to develop the design for a project in the coming months, with similar themes. Linking the home to water, and arranged around a courtyard.”

Studio Bark’s website

Image credit: Studio Bark


Sheffield Heart of the City II

“Although it’s a very wide ranging scheme, there’s so much to be excited about.”

“From reading online and looking at the site hoarding around the city centre, the redevelopment will offer so much more than the generic accommodation and office space. “

“For me, there is genuine excitement around the leisure and cultural opportunities that the redevelopment poses! Making Sheffield city centre a more attractive place to visit will be a huge achievement.”

Leonard Design Architects website

Image credit: Ash Sakula Architects and Human Nature



“An all timber, well designed urban district of 685 homes. 4-5 storey buildings create decent density to support vibrant shared communal life in beautifully designed courtyards.

“A fantastic design team and a developer with vision. What’s not to get excited about!”

Ash Sakula website



I’m excited about Fraser Kirkland Moor’s Paragraph 139 home in Rutland. It was recently approved at appeal and, as well as being a beautiful and well thought through design. It has really opened the door for this new planning policy to be used to gain permission for homes which aren’t isolated enough for Paragraph 84 to apply. 

Kirkland Fraser Moor website

Image credit: Kirkland Fraser Moor and PlusVisuals

Image credit: Jonathan Hendry


Hawkswell House

“I like the narrative of this recently approved Paragraph 84 project by Jonathan Hendry Architects. Particularly how the selection of materials and landscaping integrate it with the environment.”

Jonathan Hendry Instagram


Elm Farm

“I really like these barn conversions from Dowen Farmer that recently received planning approval in the Green Belt, North of London.”

” I love how the four different barns are connected with glazed links. Giving great views down the site from within the barns and between them.”

Dowen Farmer Architects website

Image credit: Dowen Farmer and Blackpoint Design

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