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Our Favourite: Paragraph 84 homes

This month we’ve been thinking about homes in the countryside under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Paragraph 84. Read more about Paragraph 84 in our explainer blog on escaping to the country.

Only the best designs are given planning approval through Paragraph 84, the architectural cream of the crop. Nonetheless, here are our favourite Paragraph 84 homes from other studios.

Photo credit : Chris Wright and Mole Architects


Balancing Barn

“I’m not 100% certain this is a true Paragraph 84 home. It pre-dates the introduction of the policy but may have been approved under the very similar PPG7/PPS7 policies.”

“However it’s certainly exceptional, highly innovative and sat in an isolated position. I love how playful the project is with the huge cantilever, mirror tiles and the amazing swing.”

“It’s a holiday home you can rent. I’d love to stay there one day!”

Mole Architects website


Periscope House

“I first saw this house on grand designs and was inspired by the massive balconies that celebrate the home’s surroundings with excellent views.”

“I like how the architects considered its orientation within the landscape, with the blocky form providing passive solar shading responding to both summer and winter sun. It is an exceptional design that offers sustainability throughout.”

Studio Bark website

Image credit: Studio Bark

Photo credit: Jim Stephenson


Devon Passivhaus

“This project has an incredibly clear and strong narrative, which is important for a successful Paragraph 84 project.”

“The influence of the existing walled kitchen garden upon the design concept is apparent in both form and material – the elegant, contemporary addition manages to complement the existing historic structures rather than dominate.”

“The interior is a warm and protective environment, balancing inward facing courtyards with selective, expansive views of the garden, to provide a considered balance between public and private space.”

McLean Quinlan website


Park Farm

“The Paragraph 84 homes they’ve designed all have a different style and scale reflecting how tailored they are to the character of the sites they sit on.”

“I love the strong design concepts shown in this house, the projecting roofline sitting over the valley, and faceted walls picking out key views and light. I also like the modest scale of the house from this view, showing that the homes under this clause can be of all sizes.”

Kirkland Fraser Moor website

Photo credit: Kirkland Fraser Moor and Darc Studios


Country House

“I like so much of Pad Studio’s work and this project is no different.”

“It’s beautifully crafted with exposed timber and flint and literally folds out of the landscape from which it takes its inspiration. Not yet built, I can still imagine it being a delightful home for real living.”

Pad Studio website


Lilley Brook

“This design really responds to creating a spectacular home which protects the surrounding area, but also provides the home-owner with uninterrupted views and a real sense of connection with the site.”

“My favourite feature about the design is the contrast between the front and rear elevation. Whilst the front provides a beautiful blend between the topography and the first floor’s appearance of an ‘on-stilts’ home, the rear elevation is a fantastic example of how to design a low-mass appearing building.”

“The approach to the property gives the illusion of a single storey home, whilst the destination of the front elevation presents far more grandeur to the home.”

Hawkes website

Photo credit: HAWKES Architecture Ltd

Image credit: Studio Bark


Pivot House

“The form of the house respects the random natural trees and beautifully sets in the location.”

“The thoughtful materials such as locally sourced air dried timber achieve exceptionally low impact home to meet the quality under Paragraph 84.”

Studio Bark website

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