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Our Favourite: Passivhauses

This month (like most months to be honest), we’ve been thinking about Passivhaus and low energy homes. So again, we’ve looked to the world of design for inspiration to bring you our favourite Passivhauses from other studios.

Once you’ve read this, read Our Favourite Passivhauses from 2023. Can you spot which one gets mentioned in both?

Photo credit: Tim Crocker

Alan and liam

Max Fordham House

“I really like the low-key design of this house and how it sits back behind what appears to be a brick garden wall which comes alive with climbing plants in the Summer. “

“But what I love most of all is it’s pioneering spirit [it’s not just a passivhaus but the UK’s first certified net zero building] and the fact that Max Fordham, the client & head of a big M&E engineering consultancy to share his name, had the drive, passion and energy to complete this project in his 80s!”

“Sadly he passed away a few years after the project was completed but he’s left a fantastic legacy with this ground breaking house.”

Bere:Architects website



“As with all the most cost effective Passivhaus homes, the form of this is a simple and efficient.”

“But Mole have elevated the house with a clear understanding of the fens context; beautiful, textural cladding and upside down living that makes the most of the butterfly roof.”

“I also love a heroic rainwater pipe that doesn’t apologise for its existence.”

Mole Architects website

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Old Holloway

“I love the simple and efficient design, use of natural materials and informative blog evaluating how well things have worked out after moving in.”

Old Holloway blog

Photo Credit: Juraj Mikurcik

Photo credit: Nigel Rigden


Forest Lodge

“A prefabricated Passivhaus home in the New Forest, designed to comply with stringent planning controls of the national park.”

“The home had to comply with the Caravan Act 1968 which limits the dimensions of the home, but the result is far from any caravan space I’ve ever seen.” 

“Spacious and light, the home blends into the landscape and provides a warm and comfortable low energy home.”

Pad Studio website



“I’m a big fan of how the considered, deep recessed openings are carved from the monolithic building form.”

“Angular timber cladding helps add interest and texture to vary the building’s facade. The use of carefully positioned openings and double height voids create a bright and airy interior.”

Paper Igloo website

Photo credit: David Barbour and Paper Igloo

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