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Our Favourite sustainable building products

This is a favourite we’ve been meaning to compile for such a long time. There’s nothing like an innovative product that’s people and planet friendly to get us excited. Well, apart from a good cup of coffee, and in Jess and Liam’s case, football results.

Bees are vital to our long term future as a planet. This is such a great idea to bring more solitary bees into our built environment. These are by Green&Blue and they’re well designed and inexpensive; what’s not to like. [Paul]

Recycled Glass Worktops – Diamik Glass

Completing my own project has been a great opportunity to test out lots of different sustainable building products to see how they work in the real world so it’s difficult to choose just one but so far we’re really pleased with our new worktops in the kitchen.  After lots of deliberation, we went with recycled glass worktops from Diamik Glass in Leeds. We love the look and how hard-wearing it is. It should last us a long time and continue to look great: something that’s really important to consider when specifying sustainably. The team at Diamik have also been incredibly helpful in getting our worktop, selected measured and installed. [Alan]

Image: Stijn Poelstra
WasteBasedBricks – StoneCycling

One of the world’s largest sources of waste comes from construction and demolition processes. As a solution, StoneCycling has come up with a building material made up of 60% recycled waste and debris called WasteBasedBricks. These bricks come in a variety of beautiful finishes, and currently are being used for projects all over the world including Amsterdam, New York, & Barcelona just to name a few. Their vision is to one day have a world where ‘cities and its buildings are constructed of building materials that are made from 100% waste, are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and absorb more carbon than it takes to create them.’ [Mo]

Image: Dezeen
Cork cladding – Mike Wye

A renewable, resistant and insulating material that you can use both internally and externally. I really like the texture you get from the cork panels, it has this nice earthy feel to it. This building, by Studio Bark, is a great example of how it can be used. [Julie]

Image: Troldtekt
Acoustic panel – Troldtekt

My chosen product is this acoustic panel material made from cement-bonded wood wool. I think it looks particularly nice when used in individual panels rather than whole surfaces. Troldtekt is cradle to cradle certified silver. The company focuses on minimising the environmental impact of its products. [Jess]

Image: Skitterphoto
Sheep wool insulation – SheepWool

I love the idea of using sheep’s wool for thermal and acoustic insulation. I only knew it was a ‘thing’ thanks to one of our clients opting to use it in their retrofit. It’s natural, safe and efficient. I hope to see this used in more of our projects. Time wool tell. [Fera]