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Our Favourite: Buildings in movies


The Mall  George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead

The mall itself is a bit shabby 70’s chic straight from the heart of middle America, but once the characters clear out the bumbling, grey faced zombies it becomes a rad playground where everything is free. There’s even a lovely bit where they turn a store room into an beige apartment, but then some heavily mustached bikers turn up and ruin it all. 


Futuristic City – Metropolis

My favourite dystopian city imagined – a great representation of early C20th politics through architecture – capitalism, revolution, modernism, fascism, communism, industry & the impacts on society! 


Beach House – The Ghost Writer

I recently re-watched the Ghost writer with Pierce Brosnan and Ewan MacGregor. I thought it was a brilliant film but especially enjoyed the house that forms the backdrop for the majority of the film. 

It’s an entirely fictitious house that was completely fabricated for the film. However I love its grandeur, crisp modern lines and the way it interacts with the moody, coastal landscapes of Martha’s Vineyard. If it did exist I’d love to spend some time staying there during storm season. I’m sure it would be very dramatic. 


the mcallisters house – home alone

It’s that time of year isn’t it! I don’t think I’d particularly like the house in real life and the less said about the hideous decor the better.  However, I just love what the house represents – It’s the epitome of Christmas for me. I would have loved to spend a Christmas there. Every child (and some adults too) imagined being home alone, laying traps against those pesky wet bandits!


The hotel – Grand Budapest Hotel

One of my favourite buildings from the movies is Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s symmetrical, elaborately detailed, and full of colour. The set design of the hotel is inspired by real buildings, and makes for a dramatic contrast to otherwise monochrome context.


Futuristic City – Blade Runner 2049

Not a specific example, but I love the way architecture is used in blade runner (the original and 2049) to create environments suited to the dark organisations of dystopian future cities.  


Suburban village – Edward Scissorhands

This is clearly not about architecture in film that I like. However, I can still clearly remember how uncomfortable the dystopian utopia of a “perfect” American suburban life made me feel when I first watched the film.