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Our Favourite: Buildings in Halifax

This month we ventured across Yorkshire for our annual team away day in Halifax. Fortunately, the sun finally graced us with its presence so a walking tour of the city was on the cards to explore some of the Towns architectural charm and history.

To coincide with with our team away day, our team are taking you on a guided tour with our favourite buildings in Halifax. 


The Eureka Museum

As you step out of the train station in Halifax, the Eureka Museum is one of the first things you see. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant building. Its bold colours and playful design really catch your eye. That’s not all – there’s an inviting outdoor green space, complete with a sandpit, which adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the building.


The Halifax Bank Building

As I think many of us did, I enjoyed seeing the Halifax Building. It’s a building I’ve wanted to see for years that didn’t disappoint!

I like this collection of bridges and walkways that feels very futuristic like a scene from Metropolis.


Halifax Train Station

During our recent practice away day, the Halifax Train Station emerged as a personal favorite among the buildings I discovered that day. Situated in the heart of Halifax and prominently visible throughout the town, it offers an excellent vantage point for exploring a new location. Its enduring elegance, historical charm, and a sense of grandeur collectively transform it into a delightful communal area.ion


Square Chapel Arts Centre

It’s a tough choice as I thought so much of Halifax was excellent. I think I have to choose Square Chapel Arts Centre. It’s slightly austere externally, but the foyer/bar space is a joy and it plugs in beautifully to the perimeter of the Piece Hall. Evans Vettori have done a great job.


Halifax Borough Market

Whilst I absolutely loved the Halifax bank HQ and think its listing is well deserved, I was really impressed by the Grade II* listed market building. The roof was beautifully delicate and I loved the arcades that radiated out from it into the town. 

It also helped that it had a great micropub and some good burritos!


Square Chapel Arts Centre

A unique building for me was the Square Chapel Arts Centre which sat adjacent to Piece Hall. A well thought out material selection to create a smooth spectrum of elements through old and new textures creates a space both understanding of the history, but comfortable and light. A particular favourite is the use of Cast-in-place concrete that leaves a textured finish of the wooden boards, but is polished on the top surface to create a comfortable experience of the excitingly rough


The Cat House

Aside from Al crawling around under benches in the Piece Hall, my fave part of Halifax was this little house [next to the big bank] that had a cat shaped hip tile. Thanks to Claire and Anna for pointing it out to me!


Halifax Library

The staircase is a fantastic element of the building, connecting the old with the new. As you ascend the stairs, you are connected with a roof light and a historic stained glass window.